Meet our Staff

Two teachers for the pre-school children, one of them a graduate of a previous educational program in the village and the other a member of Oxfam living in the village, are working for an honorarium which has been set aside for the next three months until another source of compensation is found. One of the teachers is a Dalit (Hindu, lowest caste). The local village elder is one of the administrators and is also doing community outreach. Twice a month an official who will oversee and coordinate the programs will visit the school and make sure everything is on track. Two guards have been hired, one during the day and one during the night, to oversee the building, provide safety, security and order, and supervise movement into and out of the building. The second floor is not yet functional, needing furniture and equipment, for which the PEACE Foundation will have to raise funds. This floor will house additional primary school classes, which will be added gradually, and the computer programs, for which there is already intense interest. Reactions have been very positive in the community, and everyone is eager to make the school a success on all levels.

Description of the picture from left to right

  1. Nahida Pervin Mukta, Trainer/Teacher
  2. Afsara Akhter Trainer/ Teacher
  3. Haidar Ali, Community organizer/ Village Elder
  4. Sraboni Rani Das, Teacher
  5. (Front) Shirina Akhter, Teacher
  6. (Back) Salim Sadik Malek, PF Finance Director
  7. Shuwardhy Hossain, PF Secretary General/Community Organize


We are asking urgently for your help.  We need funds to buy computers and software, sewing machines, furniture, including desks, chairs and benches, books, pencils, paper, and we need to pay the expenses of running the school.


The PEACE Foundation is proud of its achievements in creating this building in record time and getting a program started which will be a focal point of village life with the potential to change many things for the better. The program as envisioned fulfills several of the Sustainable Development Goals, including the ones on alleviating poverty (1), providing quality education (4), advancing gender equality (5), providing clean water and sanitation (6), providing good jobs and economic growth (8), fostering innovation (9), and creating harmonious and diverse communities (16), among others. Once the basic programs are up and running, the school is large enough to expand its offerings and become a powerful community center fostering innovation and change for the entire village.