Read the Story of Shibpur’s School

In February, 2017 the PEACE Foundation USA received an exciting offer.  TX (Tzu Xing) Foundation in Taiwan, which has been granting funds to build schools all over the world in poor and underserved areas, asked whether our organization would be interested in undertaking such a project. The answer was a resounding YES.

Syed Hassan, President of the PEACE Foundation, USA, immediately contacted associates in the village and in Dhaka to see whether construction of such a school would be feasible. With the enthusiastic help and cooperation of local officials, Parliamentarians in Dhaka, and the WARBE Development Foundation, a prestigious NGO in Bangladesh, groundbreaking and construction began in June 2017 on donated land.

External and internal; painting and waterproofing details are presently being completed.

The monsoons in 2017 were exceptionally strong and destructive, so construction had to be abandoned during the worst of the heavy floods, but under Mr. Hassan’s personal oversight, the school was 95% completed by the end of January 2018. Sanitation (three bathrooms on each of two floors) and electricity have been installed, together with a water pump which delivers clean water to the school and is also being used as a highly accessible source by the entire village. There remain only external and internal painting and waterproofing details to be completed.

On February 2, 2018, to coordinate with the official school calendar of Bangladesh, the first classes began.