The School in Shibpur

The school is conceived as a center of community life. It is a multi-purpose institution combining pre-school, kindergarten and primary school with vocational training in sewing, block printing and computer literacy and technology. The elementary school (grades 1-5) follows the national curriculum established for Bangladesh primary schools. Classes in literacy, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship will also be offered for older trainees.

The building has two floors, and the first floor (six rooms, including bathroom facilities for males, females and staff) is already in use. One room is being used as an office/staff room. Another room is being used as a classroom for forty pre-school children, ranging in age from three to five years old, in daily attendance. Once the Foundation has enough money, the program will expand into a second room. Sewing classes for 25 women and girls have begun in a third room, using nine sewing machines in two-hour shifts. As soon as the Foundation can afford more equipment and furniture, the classes will expand into additional rooms. We already have 260 applications to select from!

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