Why Women & Girls

  • Women Receiving Sewing Materials

All over the world, women carry the heaviest burden of poverty. As their families struggle to put food on the table and pay for a rudimentary education, it is girls who are most often left behind. The last to eat, the first to be denied schooling, girls are often denied even the freedom to leave their homes and walk down the street. Unscrupulously exploited and targeted, they struggle to attend school or earn a living. Frequently, they are married off while they are still children. Women are often forbidden to enter into legal contracts or to own property.

The PEACE Foundation believes that women’s economic and social empowerment, women’s ability to acquire an education, to work, to achieve economic independence and social prestige is the key to a harmonious and prosperous society. As women learn, produce and grow in independence towards human dignity, as they earn and contribute to the prosperity of their families, economies grow and nations develop.

The PEACE Foundation is committed to the education, training, economic independence and dignity of women and girls everywhere.